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  • The Shady Lady is the best! Paul and Carolyn are an incredible source of knowledge about making wine and beer and are fabulous people as well. They supply you with everything you need...

    Earnie DeVille -

  • About a year and half ago we had a good crop of scuppernongs. We had asked people if they wanted some but no takers at the time. So we decided to check into making wine. We went into The Shady Lady for some advice. We were very happy with the advice we were given so we bought what we needed. Any time we were stuck on something we would call and they happily told us what to do or not to do. Now we attend quarterly wine tasting at The Shady Lady where people who are amateur wine makers, like us, bring their wines and we eat, chat, and taste the wines. What a great hobby and our wines make great gifts. Not only do they sell to the wine hobbyist but they also have cheeses you can make. Thanks to Carolyn and Paul of The Shady Lady. Go check them out you may find a new and fun hobby.

    Liz Wires -

  • Paul and Carolyn blame me for getting them in the wine making business.  Since they bought the Shady Lady, they have expanded the beer making, cheese making and other items of interest. You won't find a better place to shop or more friendlier, helpful people.

    Joe Baker -

The Shady Lady is a complete shop to serve your needs for Home Brewing, Wine making and Cheese making supplies.

Get fresh quality ingredients at the best prices and advice from the experts to make the best products at home.

Experience the feeling of pride and satisfaction that comes from the first sip of a drink that you have made all by yourself.

At ‘The Shady Lady’, We have been more than happy to supply your home brewing, winemaking and cheese making supplies for years. The company works with a simple objective, which is to provide the best quality tools and ingredients along with adequate and quality knowledge of its use and maintenance.

What you get is a wide variety of wine making, beer brewing, cheese making and other supplies, easily available on the web. The online market enables you to handpick your tools and ingredients.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, a weekend vintner or even a master of all things fermented, the customer service and knowledge at The Shady Lady ensures your success.

Do you want to feel the satisfaction that you will get from creating a drink that you made for yourself?

Visit our store at 2475B East Nine Mile Road Pensacola, FL 32514 or call us @(850)476-1221.